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Created: 9 March 2022, 10:57:12 CST
Last updated: 11 March 2024, 12:49:11 CDT

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The only user who creates customs is ChewToys. If you are interested in a custom, you'll need to send a form through here:
Price raises depending on complexity and rarity
You are not limited to what is currently an existing trait. If it hasn't been done before, please talk to me about it and we can discuss whether or not it's doable. Most of the time, it is!

Payments accepted are: Paypal, Chime, Cashapp, or Venmo

Waterdog Customs
Base price: $140

Watercat Customs
Base price: $170

Big Watercat Customs
Base price: $220


RARE TRAITS: $10 each
ACCESSORIES AND EXTRAS: Anywhere from $10-$70+ depending on complexity



Feel free to message me with this form if you'd like to get a quote - OR, if you have a premade design, you can just send me an image.

(without the @)
Reference images:

NOTE: If getting a quote, please fill out the form. I cannot give you a proper quote unless you tell me what specific traits, colors, and accessories you want. Please do not just send me an image of a character from a movie / show and ask how much it would cost. I need specifics, please. A drawn image of your custom idea is fine.  If you don't have any specific traits or wants, then I will do what I think looks best. I will do minor changes to customs, but I will charge extra for larger changes / trait additions. Thank you!

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