Sand Bank

Created: 25 October 2021, 20:41:49 CDT
Last updated: 30 September 2023, 03:47:58 CDT

welcome to the sand bank!

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Welcome to the Sand Bank! This is where you can redeem art for the group currency, Sand Dollars. Please read through all of the information below in order to learn more!

How are sand dollars obtained?

You can obtain Sand Dollars by doing any of the following:
Making waterdog art!
 The easiest way to obtain Sand Dollars is simply by drawing Waterdogs! Whether they are your own Waterdogs or someone else's as an art trade or gift, you will receive Sand Dollars based on what kind of drawing you make! This also includes art pieces that are not just drawings! Plushies, Ceramics, PMVs, and other media fall within this category, and can be redeemed for SD. We will not reward you sand dollars for art pieces that have been paid for with real money, points or sand dollars!


Sand Dollar commissions!
 This one is pretty self-explanatory - if you're looking to boost your Sand Dollar account balance, you can accept art commissions where people pay you in Sand Dollars! 


group raffles and events!
Sand Dollars can also be obtained in certain events held by the group. Make sure to check the news posts or the  #announcements channel on Discord to see if there are any events going on or coming up! We will always post if a new event is going to be occuring soon.


What do i do with my sand dollars?

Sand Dollars can be used to purchase traits over at the Sand Shop. They can also be used to purchase MYO slots or self-breeding slots. Check out the Sand Shop for more information.

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How do i convert art to sand dollars?

(Please make sure to read the rules and disclaimers before submitting art to the Sand Bank!)
Have you drawn a waterdog? Be sure to submit it to the Monthly Sand Bank prompt! (Please do not create a claim report.)


How to submit:
- Paste the art link into the provided URL box.
(We only accept links to art uploaded to, DeviantART or one of WaterdogWorld's galleries.)

- Include the type of art in the comments box.
(ex: if it's a headshot/bust/fullbody/etc, whether it's unshaded or has simple/detailed shading, etc)
- Please remember to add the character to your prompt submission!
(If the code doesn't work in the character section please include the link to the character in the comments box.)
- Links with multiple pieces (such as folders) will be rejected! Maximum of 1 piece per submission.

Regarding compilation art submissions of multiple instances of a singular character:
Please do not submit pieces with more than 8 non-interactive fullbodies/halfbodies/headshots/etc in one piece! 
Base art will be halved after totals are calculated! What we consider base art is art that is completed using a base/the same pose with no or minimal edits to lineart between instances. Artwork showcasing variants with little to no changes to lineart will be counted as base art.


Art pieces that were paid for with real money, points or sand dollars cannot be converted into sand dollars!
Each month, a new prompt will be available to submit art to. You can find the monthly prompt by hovering over 'world' on the navigation bar and clicking on 'prompts.' Alternatively, you can follow this link: CLICK ME!


Sand Dollar amounts are based on price guidelines that have been established by the staff team. You can see the base prices/guidelines to how we calculate your art [here] Prices that are listed on our price guide are not guaranteed to be exactly what you get: they are only a rough estimate, so please be aware that you may get more or less than what is listed. The staff team reserves the right to change the # of SD you earn depending on the art pieces presented.
Please do not attempt to calculate your submissions. There's a ton of additions and factors for art calculated it's best to just fill out the form and leave it to a staff member to calculate.


How do i SEnd sand dollars to other users?

In order to send Sand Dollars to another user, you must navigate to the 'bank' tab. You can find this by clicking the 'home' link on  the navigation bar and then clicking 'bank.' You can also access it by clicking [here]. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a section that says TRANSFER CURRENCY. Here is where you can send SD to another user.
Find the user's name in the drop-down menu. Enter the quantity you want to transfer, and make sure to select 'Sand Dollar' from the currency drop-down menu. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, you can click transfer and the SD will automatically be deducted from your account and transfered to the user you chose.


rules and disclaimers

  • The staff team is NOT responsible for tracking down every piece of art that is submitted to the group and converting it into Sand Dollars! Sand Dollars are optional and if you want your artwork to count towards your bank account balance, you are responsible for submitting a prompt to redeem them.
  • The staff team is NOT responsible for any Sand Dollar commission scams or attempted scams. If you fear you will not receive payment or your artwork from a commissioner/commissionee, make sure to take screenshot documentation of the transaction so it can be reversed should the situation arise. No screenshot/proof = no refund.
  • Art older than one month at the time of submitting to the prompt CANNOT be redeemed for Sand Dollars.
  • Behavior that seems abusive to the system, at the discretion of the mod team, can be refused sand dollars.
  • Sand Dollars do not expire. Deactivated users keep their account balances.
  • This system is new and subject to change! Conversions are based on what the price guide states at the time of the comment. If the art/writing/craft values increase or decrease it will ONLY affect comments posted after the update!
  • Please be patient with the staff team! We all have lives outside of Waterdogs and it may take us a couple weeks to update your bank account!
  • If you have a Sand Dollar balance in the old Sand Bank System we used for DeviantART and it hasn't been granted to you - please submit a report and we will grant it to you when we're able.
  • Art can only be redeemed ONCE!
  • Sand dollars do not have any real monetary value to them and should never be sold to other users for real currency. If you see someone doing this please report it asap as it is a scam. sand dollars cannot be purchased either. Sand dollars do not have a currency equivalent.