Species Rules

Created: 25 October 2021, 20:41:03 CDT
Last updated: 11 March 2024, 12:39:36 CDT
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64461728_YpWeegNLC6xJlYq.gifGENERAL RULES64462041_aYJckToU1LjMsOc.gif

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64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Myo slots, How do I get one and what are the rules? 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
Myo slots are $45 or 73243472_KWgjhPatoocZt5j.gif4,500 Sand Dollars
Myo slots can be purchased with [USD Here] or with [73243472_KWgjhPatoocZt5j.gifSand Dollars Here]
Once a slot is purchased either by USD or 73243472_KWgjhPatoocZt5j.gifSD, the slot will be awarded to your account!
Myo slots are Non-Refundable once purchased, however, they can be traded or sold for their same purchased value!
This must be done onsite so we can keep track of ownership! Offsite transfers will not be monitored!

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png How to Submit a Missing Waterdog to The Website Masterlist 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
We would love to help you upload a missing waterdog to our website! You would need to submit a report here: [SUBMIT REPORT] and please have proofs such as a Toyhou.se profile with valid ownership logs or links with confirmations from previous owners on our old DeviantArt master list! We understand that some Waterdogs may be very old and might be missing entirely, if screenshots must be used then you are free to do so, we prefer links though if you can provide them!

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Waterdog myo designs can NOT be commissioned by other users. 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
To be clear: YOU CAN trade art, 73243472_KWgjhPatoocZt5j.gifSand Dollars, or characters for someone to design a myo for you. (or gift!)
However, you CANNOT buy items for a design or pay the designer in any way that involves real money.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Regarding offbrand Waterdog designs 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
Offbrand Waterdog designs that are created by users who are looking to take advantage of the species name/brand that are brought to us requesting to be made official will be denied. We do not want to encourage users to buy from creators looking to take advantage of our community or our brand aspects for quick profit.

Any designs that heavily share attributes of Waterdogs that appear as a liquid or a contrasting substance to fur or another substance similar to a Waterdog would be considered an off-brand design. 

To make it clear: We aren't sticklers about people making offbrands and nor do we condone harassment towards offbrand groups or design makers! All we ask is that people not label designs as Waterdogs if they're not one!
In the end, it is what it is and some similar groups will exist out there, these rules are only in place for our group standards as we prefer to not have an association with other similar groups.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.pngExceptions to the rule above are64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
off-brand Designs that were personally made without the intent of gaining profit from it.

(EX; This would be a personal character created using Waterdog attributes made for personal use and not profit gain while being unaware of the group or just not participating in it at the time)
Offbrand Designs that are coming from discontinued offbrand groups.
(Ex; An Offbrand species discontinues its overall services & creations leaving the designs and community idle. We can take these designs into our community as there is no longer a conflict of interest!)  

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Displaying Unofficial Waterdog Concepts Before Submission 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
We love that our community has planned concepts and we encourage you to plan out your dream waterdog design! We ask that concept designs be left private/shared privately until pending approval to avoid confusion by other community members and staff if your concept is official or not. This is to avoid confusion if your concept may be an off-brand seller design or something risky!

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Changing and Updating Your Waterdog 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
Recognizable changes can be made to designs! We encourage you to make it yours to love all the more! Small alterations such as minor color changes, markings, and additional accessories, are okay.
Larger changes such as complete overhauls to the design or using Legendary Treat or Rare trait upgrades can be obtained through the Sand Shop, Archies Emporium, or the Tidal Parlor!

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Twin or Clone designs are not allowed! 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
All designs must be recognizable from one another, the reason why for this is there is no guarantee twin designs will stay together regardless of how we go about it. In the event of these designs being separated, we do not want any future owners to be upset if they didn't know of the other's existence as these are some issues we've experienced in the past and do not wish for others to be subjected to this same experience.
Sibling designs are allowed, however, we highly encourage anyone planning to make any designs that may fall into this category please message a staff member first to double-check that the designs will pass independently before purchasing any MYO slots, Tidals, or Customs.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png Members should not get involved if they see someone breaking the rules!64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
Mistakes can happen!
Before handling something yourself, please send a report to the website by clicking [Here] and let us know what happened! Please provide links and screenshots so we can handle the situation, the last thing we would like is for issues to arise over something that may be nothing!


64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.pngA main owner must be established64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
By default, this is established by whoever obtained the Waterdog first or paid the majority of contributing to the ownership or just by deciding who is the main owner! You can even co-own for free if you'd like, this is up to the main owner! Even if the waterdog was paid equally it must be established who the main owner is.
Whoever is established as the main owner will take responsibility for ownership and dictate how the waterdog is presented and used in the community, and if the co-owner is allowed to trade/sell their portion off.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.pngYou cannot sell, voucher, or trade your co-own part unless it has been okayed by the main owner 64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
When Vouchering or Reselling a co-owned waterdog, Both sides cannot voucher the full original price whether you are the main owner or the co-owner. The rule of thumb here is if you didn't contribute, you don't get to receive benefits. What you paid into the ownership is all you can resell or voucher for.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.pngYou cannot claim back a co-own without refunding/returning what was traded for the co-own64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png 
In the event that either side is trying to cut off ownership for any reason, compensation must be provided. That must be worked out between both owners and there is no way around that.

64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.pngIf either co-owner is inactive, they still retain rights to their part of the ownership64462128_WKMH6lVS7vBcp3R.png
This is, unfortunately, part of the risk of participating in co-ownerships with people who you may not fully know or are close with, we heavily advise you to pick your co-ownerships carefully! We will not force ownership out of anyone if they've contributed to the ownership. If there are issues, please feel free to contact the species owner!

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64462166_MYcr0ng25QXcldg.pngOur rules are always subject to change as we learn along the way!64462166_MYcr0ng25QXcldg.png
If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to send in questions to our species owner, a staff member, or the Help board in our Discord group!