Waterdogs are a made up Closed Species that are made of Sand and Water! They come in a variety of colours and can have various traits of differing rarities. A Waterdog must always have Sand and  Water. They cannot be made entirely of one or the other.

Similarly, A waterdog must always have Sand on their face and necks. They also must always have Water in their ears (An example of this can be seen here with Marina's ears). The only exception is if they have the Water Ear Trait which can have water or sand on the inside of the ear. They cannot have a tail made completely of Sand, it has to have water on it. However, they can have a tail made entirely of Water. This is known as a Wave Tail. They can also have Wave Hair, which has no restrictions on length. Sand Hair is also possible with no restrictions on length.

A Waterdog must be roughly half Sand and half Water.  Due to this, they cannot have both a Sand Sweater/Sand Shirt and  Sand Pants/Sand Shorts at the same time. The only exception to this is if they have an Abnormal Body Type, such as being Long, as they then have enough Water in ratio to Sand.

Waterdogs can be obtained via MYO slots, Flat Sales/ Auctions by Directors and our Mod team, Official Breeding Batches, Self-Breeding slots, Customs made by our Directors Official Raffles/Contests and via trades, vouchers or  the resale of designs owned by members of our community.

Any Lore regarding Waterdogs is pretty loose so feel free to do whatever you like with your Waterdogs, as long as it doesn't go against our Rules or disregard any Traits.

Some of the only set lore we have currently is:

  • Waterpups are created by the ocean. The gender of the parents does not matter when it comes to Breeding batches!
  • The parents wait on the beach and the ocean tosses out the pups and says "ur welcome... glhf.. they are ur problem now"
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